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The Cool Chameleon Project


The Cool Chameleon Project is an innovative programme which focuses on transforming pupils who find participating, communicating, showing resilience, and demonstrating compassion challenging.

In a series of enjoyable, fully-resourced activities, pupils will be empowered to develop the skills they need, resulting in a positive change as they become more engaged, active participants in school life.

Proven to have had a positive impact on pupils in nurture groups, intervention groups and even whole class settings. These activities will help to engage pupils with learning.

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The Cool Chameleon Project consists of activities that are categorised into a progressive sequence of Bronze, Silver and Gold and are designed to be accessible to all pupils, regardless of age. You will have access to a total of 42 fully planned and resourced challenge activities which are specially created to equip adults to meet the needs of groups or individuals, and break down barriers to learning.

Within every class there will be some pupils who display some (or all!) of the following traits:- lack of communication skills, an inability to share resources, poor resilience, struggles to take turns, egocentric, struggle to adapt when routines change, mistrusting of other adults, disinterested in the world around them, self-critical and poor self-control.

It can be difficult to find activities and resources that can address all of these areas in a consistent and focused way, whilst allowing for creativity and fun. This is why The Cool Chameleon Project is here to help. By consolidating these traits into four key areas: Participation, Communication, Resilience and Compassion, group leaders and teachers can ensure that they are taking their children on a journey of discovery and transformation, which will lead to:-

  • Active pupil participation
  • Willingness to work collaboratively
  • Increased confidence
  • Greater resilience
  • Acceptance of themselves and others
  • Greater empathy
  • Better able to communicate their needs and opinions
  • Increased engagement in mainstream classrooms

Our unique “chameleon effect” empowers children to transform into positive, motivated and resilient learners who can take these new found skills into any setting. Importantly, teachers are also provided with ‘pick up and teach’ plans and resources to facilitate their pupils’ capacity for change.

What Do I Get?

This is a digital download resource.

You will receive:-

  • A whole-school site licence
  • 42 planned activities, complete with all resources

Free sample

FREE Sample

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What do I get?

This is a digital download resource.

You will receive:-

A whole-school site licence
42 planned activities, complete with all resources, including film and audio clips.

Evidence and Impact

Praise for The Cool Chameleon Project…

‘Following the successful implementation of the programme in our Key Stage 2 Specialist Resource Base we decided to roll the programme out across the school, with all children working towards Bronze, Silver and Gold awards as they successfully complete the challenges.
We want to ensure that we encourage resilience in our children and promote the skills, traits and habits to help them flourish as learners and become successful individuals. The children love the highly engaging challenges and are always keen to share their findings in a range of fun ways.’

Deputy Headteacher, Newcastle 



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