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‘Get Ahead!’ 21st Century Skills Programme


The ‘Get Ahead!’ Programme is a unique series of age-appropriate, highly engaging challenges, designed specifically to develop 21st century skills in primary pupils.

These are skills, traits and habits that help children to flourish as learners and equip them to go on to be successful individuals in an ever-changing, unpredictable world.

This pack would be great to use in school, helping children who have barriers to learning.

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The ‘Get Ahead!’ 21st Century Skills Programme consists of 60 challenges. These challenges are not subject specific and can be used in a school setting or as an innovative, engaging tool for home learning. In a school setting this pack would be ideal to use as a tool for breaking down barriers to learning.

Challenges have been developed for younger pupils (age 5-7 years), centred around these three core skills:-




We believe these 21st century skills are essential in developing younger children’s capacity to learn, grow and thrive.

These are built on in the next phase of their development (age 7-11 years), with a further sequence of challenges, focused on applying and developing the three core skills.

These are known as advanced skills:-

Independent Enquiry





Reflective Learning


Consisting of 60 challenges in total, the ‘Get Ahead!’ Programme is ideal for use across Key Stages 1 and 2.

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FREE Sample

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