As experts with almost twenty years of curriculum design experience, we have rolled up our sleeves, unleashed our creativity, and developed a heroic, ambitious curriculum that dares to be different - ‘Learning Means the World’ Primary Curriculum! It’s where the thematic approach meets subject-specific teaching, leading to joyful and memorable learning!

Countless examples of positive feedback from teachers, parents, pupils and inspectors can only mean one thing – this curriculum is high-impact and transformative!

So, we’re looking for more schools to partner with us and share in the success. Could this be you?

meet your new curriculum in five quick clicks
meet your new curriculum
in five quick clicks

A Spoonful of Innovation

“Pupils enjoy learning about a range of topics, including ‘I have a dream’ and ‘That’s all Folks!’ Although taught through topics, leaders have ensured that pupils know which subjects they are learning. The topics help pupils to make links across different subjects. Pupils develop curiosity about events across the world. Pupils recall what they have learned with ease.”

Ofsted Report, Congerstone Primary School, March 2023

We specialise in creative classroom solutions designed to sprinkle a big spoonful of innovation onto the learning experience. Part of our crusade to champion creativity in education has involved years of work to bring to you the “beautifully put-together primary curriculum”* known as ‘Learning Means the World’.
Responsible for inspiring teachers and motivating learners internationally, its colourful themes are officially “awesome” according to the pupils themselves. Little do they know, that’s because we make joyful learning a serious business.

You’d be forgiven for wondering whether a bunch of education rabble-rousers like us could create a curriculum as ambitious and comprehensive as the National Curriculum. Fear not though, as full coverage is not only met, but exceeded and evidenced by a range of documentation for both coverage and progression.

*An actual quote from Year Six teacher, Val.

Changing Hearts and Minds

“There have been recent widespread curriculum changes based on careful thought about what pupils need to be successful. There are high aspirations for all pupils to achieve well and to enjoy learning a curriculum which is relevant to them. In all subjects, learning is clearly sequenced from pre-school through to Year 6.”

Ofsted Report, Haylands Primary School, September 2023

What do you think is currently missing from your curriculum? We’ve spoken to a lot of schools who consistently tell us the same things:-

  1. Creative and practical teaching and learning
  2. Development of the whole child
  3. Real life links

‘Learning Means the World’ is an outward-facing curriculum that carefully threads the relevant world issues of communication, conflict, culture and conservation from Early Years through to Year 6. It has been proven to reinforce school values and changes hearts and minds.

Just imagine…

When you meet with pupils, they talk with a glint in their eye and with passion about what they are learning in the classroom and how much they enjoy it. When you speak to parents, they tell you their children are going home buzzing and sharing what they are learning.

Specific impact stories include…

A group of pupils, moved by their learning, felt compelled to raise money for children in war-torn countries.

A disengaged special needs child became a recycling champion at home, showing a level of understanding of current issues which their adults hadn’t previously thought possible.

A teacher even postponed her retirement in order to have the opportunity to teach the ‘Learning Means the World’ Curriculum!

Time is of the Essence

With over 80 theme units planned and resourced, we are committed to saving teachers’ valuable time. In our easily navigated online portal, you’ll find thousands of resources. From videos, animations and audio clips to slideshows, images, and templates, we make scripted PowerPoint-induced snorefests a thing of the past! In fact, in ‘Learning Means the World’, there are endless opportunities for exploring a range of approaches to learning.

Our partnership with Inspire Education helps to reinforce this and we are delighted to be able to offer all our schools access to Inspire’s interactive, bespoke Dimensions Curriculum area.

Keeping On Track

“The school has designed an ambitious and inclusive curriculum which puts pupils’ learning at its heart. Staff enable pupils to learn the right knowledge and skills at the right time. Teachers know how to teach the curriculum exceptionally well. They
check that pupils meet their high expectations for learning. Pupils secure the knowledge they need to succeed. They recall their learning in depth. They skilfully connect learning across the curriculum… Much of the school’s provision is worthy of sharing with others.”

Ofsted Report, Woodland View Primary School, November 2023

So what happens once you’ve implemented your new ‘Learning Means the World’ Curriculum?

You will certainly want to measure impact, and we have a range of tools built into the curriculum to help with just that!

  1. A tailor-made online assessment tracker, which enables you to monitor progress and attainment, compare data and identify gaps in learning.
  2. Easy-to-use Subject Leader Action Packs (affectionately known as SLAPs) mean that subject leaders are fully catered for, taking the strain out of deep dives!
  3. Support through training and monitoring packages, which are designed with you and for you.

Our ever-growing list of glowing OFSTED reports from ‘Learning Means the World’ Curriculum schools means we can confidently say that this curriculum definitely keeps teachers and pupils on track!

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