What’s in our DNA?

What is it that makes us different? We believe we offer you and your school something terrifically unique – discover exactly what that means and how it impacts you.

PSHE Training

Relentlessly authentic

Authenticity is one of our core values. Why? In education, we think it’s vital to be authentic because your pupils deserve so much more than a cookie cutter approach to learning. Authentic learning gives pupils the freedom to explore subjects and form their own opinions, while offering your staff the kind of resources that make them feel excited about teaching.

social skills post lockdown

Refreshingly different

You, your teachers and your pupils are delightfully different to anyone else. So, we think your curriculum resources should be, too! We take a fresh look at the world and create resources that help you to raise outcomes in the most refreshingly original ways. 

Truly passionate

Empowering you to get the best out of your staff and pupils is our passion. We’re huge believers in the power of learning to change hearts and minds – in fact, we’ve seen it happen first-hand in our schools all over the world!

Sincerely committed

Working with Dimensions is so much more than a transactional process. We’re committed to being here for you every step of the way, working as partners in your mission to educate, inspire and guide your pupils through their formative years.

Championing integrity

Integrity is everything to us, and we’ve designed our curriculum resources to inspire a strong moral compass in your pupils. For us, championing integrity means always doing the right thing and inspiring others to do the same – and this thread runs through all of our work, as well as our relationships.