St Matthew’s CofE Primary School

St Matthew’s is a large school with around 460 pupils on their roll and about half of these are in receipt of pupil premium funding. St Matthew’s have been using Dimensions Curriculum since 2012.

Since using Dimensions Curriculum, St Matthew’s Ofsted rating has gone from satisfactory to good.  St Matthew’s started using the Dimensions Primary Curriculum and are now choosing to combine this with our brand new ‘Learning Means the World’ Curriculum.

One of St Matthew’s favourite things about Dimensions Curriculum is the learning experiences that the pupils receive.  

Impact on School

St Mathew’s have noticed a positive impact on teaching and learning in foundations subjects as a result of using Dimensions Curriculum. They have also said that staff morale and workload have improved. With both the Dimensions Curriculum models, the themes come planned and resourced, leaving teachers more time to to do what they love the most – teach! 

St Matthew’s are happy that Dimensions Curriculum ensures breadth and balance and feel subject leaders are more confident about teaching and learning in their subject. 

Impact on Pupils

St Matthew’s have noticed that pupils are more engaged in lessons which is down to relevant themes and engaging lessons within the curriculum.


Ofsted rating: Good

Quotes from their last inspection in February 2017

“Pupils benefit from a creative and exciting curriculum…”

“Pupils benefit from a stimulating curriculum which captures their interests and promotes their reading, writing and mathematical skills well across a wide range of subjects.” 

“Almost all teaching is cross-curricular, enabling pupils to see links between different subject.”

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