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3D PSHE Extremism and Radicalisation KS1


In line with the Prevent Strategy, we have produced units of work for both KS1 and KS2 to enable primary schools to teach pupils about Extremism and Radicalisation. These 3D PSHE focus units deal with the issues of Extremism and Radicalisation in sensitive and age-appropriate ways.

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3D PSHE Extremism and Radicalisation

In line with the Prevent Strategy, we have produced units of work for both KS1 and KS2 to enable primary schools to effectively and sensitively teach pupils about Extremism and Radicalisation.

Extremism and Radicalisation is a difficult area to tackle with children. In fact, should we really be tackling it at all? Well, the feedback we’ve had from teachers is that many pupils are coming into school, having seen terrorist attacks on the news, with questions. Big questions. The problem is that staff aren’t trained to deal with these issues and don’t feel equipped to explain simply enough to their pupils what is going on. Well, we’ve created two great resources to deal with this difficult area.

Key Stage 1 Extremism and Radicalisation Unit

Suitable for using in class or as an assembly resource, 3D PSHE KS1 Extremism and Radicalisation begins by focusing on the concept of fact and opinion, before moving on to the idea of right and wrong, in three fully planned and resourced sessions.

‘The Story of Redfern Right’ provides an age-appropriate, engaging way to explain how a minority of people who have strong opinions and beliefs think they are right and everyone else is wrong. Using animation and repetitive language, pupils are easily able to access the meaning behind the story. Teachers can then link this to their own context, going into as much or as little detail about extremism, radicalisation and terrorism as they deem appropriate for their pupils.

The final part of the resource focuses on celebrating difference, with a funky, fresh, up-beat song setting the tone. ‘The Boring Song’ (ironically titled) explains why it is good to be different and that there’s nothing wrong with not being the same as other people, whether that is in how we look, what we like or what we believe. Complete with both karaoke and vocal tracks, sheet music and on-screen lyrics, you’ll be humming this tune all day!

Song Sample

The unit comes comes as a digital download, with three fully-resourced plans, innovative animation and song.

Best Practice in North and West Yorkshire

We were delighted to hear that this unit was hailed as ‘best practice’ in a North Yorkshire PSHE Network in Harrogate. Perhaps they heard about us from their geographical colleagues from the City of Leeds, who invested in this resource for every primary school in their local authority.

It’s always great to hear how our resources are supporting schools and saving teachers time, delivering outstanding, engaging and fun lessons.

What do I get?

  • Three fully planned and resourced lessons as a digital download
  • A whole-school site licence

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Key Stage One E&R, Key Stage one and Two E&R Bundle

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What do I get?

Key Stage One

  • Three fully planned and resourced lessons as a digital download
  • A whole-school site licence

Evidence and Impact

In a recent survey we sent to 3D PSHE customers, this is the feedback we got:

  • 100% of schools said the 3D PSHE has had a positive impact on teaching and learning.
  • 100% of schools said that 3D PSHE has enabled teachers to teach with more confidence.
  • 92% of our schools said that the 3D PSHE lessons are engaging for all pupils.
  • 92% of our schools said the 3D PSHE is a good tool for enhancing pupil’s personal development.
  • 92% of schools said they would have no reservation recommending 3D PSHE to other schools.

“3D PSHE is exactly what I wanted. Clearly differentiated, fun ideas, able to follow lessons easily and produced some good displays from the results of the lessons.” Alison Allen, Year 3 Teacher, Riverview Junior School

“Extremely well priced. Saves teachers time trying to find resources (time being something you can’t put a price on) and has clear learning objectives ensuring good coverage of all the different areas.”  Blackshaw Primary School, Bolton

“We have enjoyed teaching PSHE with our new 3D PSHE Programme from Dimensions Curriculum. The planning for each lesson is clear and details the learning objective, main activity and plenary. Topics are relevant and resources up-to-date. Staff have found it easy to follow and it shows a clear progression of knowledge.”Starbank School, Birmingham


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