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3D PSHE Assemblies Pack


The 3D PSHE Assemblies Pack has 30 fully planned, fully resourced whole school assemblies, linked to ten core PSHE themes, including democracy, diversity, respect and responsibility. Ideal for reinforcing modern British Values throughout school in a fun and engaging way!

Each assembly is linked to an original, tailor-made Dimensions song. Our 3D PSHE Songs Collection, containing 10 vocal tracks and 10 backing tracks with lyrics, is included with each Assembly Pack purchase.


The 3D PSHE Assemblies Pack is a comprehensive, exciting resource that has been designed to help pupils develop and demonstrate skills and attitudes that will allow them to participate fully in, and contribute positively to, life in modern Britain. British Values are fully explained through this innovative and engaging assembly package, divided into the following areas:-

  • Resilience
  • Courage
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Diversity
  • Collaboration
  • Democracy
  • Communication
  • Emotions
  • Aspirations

There are 30 whole school assemblies in total, all linked to the 3D PSHE Songs, so there’s no longer any need to spend time looking for the right lyrics to complement your theme! All the necessary resources are included and an optional prayer and Bible reading can also be found in each assembly to support church schools with their requirements. These are not an essential part of the assemblies for all schools.

What do I get?

  • All assemblies and resources in a hard copy ring binder (posted)
  • Digital download
  • 10 3D PSHE Songs as a digital download
  • Whole-school site licence

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Digital download and a hard copy ring binder

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What do I get?

  • All assemblies and resources in a hard copy ring binder (posted) and as a digital download
  • 10 3D PSHE Songs as a digital download (these include a version with sung words, a karaoke version, lyrics for printing and lyrics to be displayed on a whiteboard)
  • Whole-school site licence

Evidence and Impact

In a recent survey we sent to 3D PSHE customers, this is the feedback we got:

  • 100% of schools said the 3D PSHE has had a positive impact on teaching and learning.
  • 100% of schools said that 3D PSHE has enabled teachers to teach with more confidence.
  • 92% of our schools said that the 3D PSHE lessons are engaging for all pupils.
  • 92% of our schools said the 3D PSHE is a good tool for enhancing pupil’s personal development.
  • 92% of schools said they would have no reservation recommending 3D PSHE to other schools.

“3D PSHE is exactly what I wanted. Clearly differentiated, fun ideas, able to follow lessons easily and produced some good displays from the results of the lessons.” Alison Allen, Year 3 Teacher, Riverview Junior School

“Extremely well priced. Saves teachers time trying to find resources (time being something you can’t put a price on) and has clear learning objectives ensuring good coverage of all the different areas.”  Blackshaw Primary School, Bolton

“We have enjoyed teaching PSHE with our new 3D PSHE Programme from Dimensions Curriculum. The planning for each lesson is clear and details the learning objective, main activity and plenary. Topics are relevant and resources up-to-date. Staff have found it easy to follow and it shows a clear progression of knowledge.”Starbank School, Birmingham



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