An outstanding curriculum for Year 3 pupils

Does your curriculum offer your Year 3 pupils an inspiring, broad and unique curriculum learning experience? Dimensions can provide them with you all of that – and even more! 

We’ve designed a primary curriculum, ‘Learning Means The World’, that leads to outstanding outcomes for your Year 3 pupils:

  • Higher engagement levels 
  • Increased enjoyment among pupils 
  • Improved attendance and behaviour
  • Better SATs results

When you implement the right curriculum for your Year 3 pupils, it empowers you to help them become caring, confident and inspired individuals with the 21st century skills, attitudes and outlooks to go out into the wider world and thrive. 

Our mission

We provide solutions to help schools transform their curriculum to meet their pupils’ needs.

How does our curriculum benefit Year 3 pupils?

Our ‘Learning Means The World’ primary curriculum is thoughtfully created by educational specialists and includes cross-curricular units to ensure cohesion and innovation.

Offering full National Curriculum coverage, we’ve created our primary curriculum to suit Year 3 pupils in all settings. It’s revolutionising learning for Year 3 pupils in academies, free schools, faith schools, independent schools, community schools and special schools the world over! 

Let’s work together to create out an outstanding, bespoke curriculum for your school that’s both fun and transformative for your Year 3 pupils. 

What our schools are saying about our ‘Learning Means the World’ Curriculum…

Primary curriculum design

“The ‘Learning Means the World’ Curriculum has had a very positive impact on the school. Teaching staff don’t have to worry about progression as it is already included. It has really helped to improve teacher wellbeing!”

Head Teacher, School for Inspiring Talents