An outstanding primary curriculum for faith schools

A curriculum designed for you

Faith schools all over the UK are experiencing fantastic results through teaching our progressive, innovative 21st-century curriculum. Lessen your teachers’ workload and revolutionise pupils’ outcomes when you choose it for your school. 

Teaching, never delivering

Collaborating with faith schools internationally, we work together to plan and implement a forward-thinking, outward-facing curriculum for pupils. Let’s work together on a curriculum model that’s totally tailored to your school and its unique needs.  

Your teachers won’t just deliver our curriculum (remember, you’re a school – not a post office!). Instead, teachers will teach it in an inspirational way that shapes pupils as confident, assured and rounded individuals who show a love for education.

Let’s organise a Bespoke Discovery Session so we can demonstrate how Dimensions’ global curriculum can help your school flourish!

Did you know…

Dimensions Curriculum resources are used by… 125,000+ pupils in 1,000+ schools across 29 countries globally!

Why use Dimensions’ curriculum in your faith school?

Here are four big reasons to choose our curriculum for your faith school.

Confident, happy teachers

Leave the curriculum planning to us and give your teachers more time and less work. After all, their strength is teaching, so let’s leave them free to focus on that. 

Teachers enjoy balance, breadth, fulfilment, support and confidence.  

Positive outcomes

Choosing our curriculum for your faith school will transform outcomes for your pupils.

They’ll feel more engaged, enjoy learning more, show better attendance and behaviour and get higher results. 

Full coverage

Dimensions’ curriculum ensures full National Curriculum coverage and helps you show strong progression across all subjects. 

Ready for Ofsted

With a sharp focus on curriculum in Ofsted’s new framework, using Dimensions ‘Learning Means the World’ curriculum prepares your church school for an Ofsted inspection, giving you confidence when the time comes. 

“Using Dimensions has brought the curriculum to life, with more experiential-based learning. Staff workload has been reduced and subject leaders feel confident in their knowledge of teaching and learning across the school in their subject.” 

Deputy Head, St. Matthew’s CE Primary School, Bolton.

Primary curriculum design

“The ‘Learning Means the World’ Curriculum has had a very positive impact on the school. Teaching staff don’t have to worry about progression as it is already included. It has really helped to improve teacher wellbeing!”

Head Teacher, School for Inspiring Talents

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