An outstanding curriculum for British international schools

British international schools like yours are seeing fantastic results from our global curriculum. So, let’s lighten your teachers’ workload and transform your pupils’ school experience! 

Teaching, rather than delivering

Currently, the Dimensions team works with British international schools all over the world to teach a 21st-century curriculum to pupils.

Let’s work together to map and implement a completely customised curriculum. In fact, we make sure every curriculum is bespoke to that school’s particular needs, so the finished product will tick all of your boxes.

Your teachers won’t “deliver” our curriculum. After all, you’re a school – not a post office! Instead, they’ll teach it in a way that shapes your pupils into self-assured, well-rounded and worldly young people who love learning.

Let’s arrange your bespoke discovery session to show you how Dimensions’ global curriculum can help your British international school shine!

Did you know…

Dimensions Curriculum resources are used by 125,000+ pupils in 1,000+ schools across 29 countries around the world!

Why use Dimensions’ curriculum?

Here are four reasons to use our curriculum in your British international school.

Confident, calm teachers

Leave the curriculum to Dimensions and you’ll save your teachers time to focus on their forte: teaching! Firstly, your teachers will enjoy balance and breadth. Secondly, they’ll experience higher morale and a reduced workload.

What’s more, they’ll have real confidence and belief in their work.  

Stronger outcomes

Using our global curriculum in your British international school will have an outstanding impact on your pupils’ learning. Consequently, you’ll notice more engagement and enjoyment. Furthermore, pupils will show better attendance, behaviour and results. 

Full National Curriculum coverage

Dimensions’ global curriculum offers full National Curriculum coverage. As a result, it helps your teachers to show clear progression across all subjects. 

“Pupils benefit from a stimulating curriculum which captures their interests and promotes their reading, writing and mathematical skills well across a wide range of subjects. Almost all teaching is cross-curricular, enabling pupils to see the links between different subjects.” Ofsted Quote from St. Matthew’s CE Primary School, Bolton

Primary curriculum design

“The ‘Learning Means the World’ Curriculum has had a very positive impact on the school. Teaching staff don’t have to worry about progression as it is already included. It has really helped to improve teacher wellbeing!”

Head Teacher, School for Inspiring Talents

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