Garvestone Community Primary School

Garvestone are a small school and have been using Dimensions Curriculum since 2011 and have recently started to use our new curriculum – ‘Learning Means the World’.

They have just converted to an academy and received their first Ofsted in January 2020. The school was rated good and the inspectors were really impressed with their global, outward-facing curriculum.

Impact on School

Garvestone have noticed a positive impact on teaching and learning in the foundations subjects. They have noticed that staff morale has improved and so to has their workload. Garvestone have decided to not have subject leaders because each subject is integrated into the ‘Learning Means The World’ themes, and all staff input.

Impact on Pupils

Garvestone teachers say pupils are much more engaged in lessons because they are more enjoyable.


Ofsted Rating: Good

Garvestone were last visited by Ofsted in January 2020.

Ofsted Comments

“Leaders are ambitious for all pupils. They provide a curriculum which enables pupils to experience the world beyond the school and local community. Teachers have a secure knowledge of the subjects they teach. They organise the order in which pupils learn knowledge effectively. Staff make learning exciting, practical and link pupils’ learning to other subjects. For example, pupils recall making models in art of volcanoes they had learned about in geography. They mixed water, vinegar and bicarbonate of soda and observed the reaction in science. Teachers ensure that vocabulary is central to their planning. In this way, pupils are increasingly able to talk about new ideas and learn more.” Ofsted Inspection Report, January 2020

Comments from the Head Teacher

‘Dimensions Curriculum offers innovative ideas and practical resources.’

‘By adopting the Dimensions approach, we are laying solid foundations for creative, cohesive teaching and learning.’

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