Five Top Tips for Developing Confident Communicators

Five Top Tips for Developing Confident Communicators

We all use speaking and listening in our daily lives to share ideas, solve problems, make decisions, socialise and interact in a wide variety of situations. Language is an integral part of learning and much of children’s self-confidence and attitudes to learning are founded in their ability to use talk effectively.
Speaking and listening are key within the teaching and learning process; discussion and collaboration in the classroom help to develop children’s creativity, imagination, thinking and problem solving skills.  Speaking skills are specified in the National Curriculum, but how explicitly are they taught? We think they should be developed across the curriculum and have the perfect solution for busy teachers!
Our new “Speech Bubbles” product is out shortly, with lesson activities and resources clearly linked to age-appropriate objectives. Here are Elaine’s top tips to develop ‘Think, Talk’ learners:

  1. Set ground rules for speaking and listening in your classroom and display them (see suggestions below);
  2. Pair up children with ‘Talk Partners’;
  3. Encourage small group work and differentiate abilities with ‘Talk Groups’;
  4. Rehearse with children at the beginning of every session the questions and /or phrases they should use to help them talk effectively and meaningfully when there is no adult to move the interaction along;
  5. Cue cards of these questions and phrases can be made to prompt less confident children.

Dimensions Creative Solution – “Speech Bubbles”

This dynamic new product will be available in January 2017. “Speech Bubbles” is part of the Bubbles Resource series, which already includes Dance, Drama and Music. Lesson plans and resources come in an A4 ringbinder for KS1 with CD-ROMs, so you have a digital and hard copy.
Speaking and listening learning objectives are clearly differentiated for higher and lower abilities, with engaging activities and colourful resources provided. Get in touch for more information or check back on the Bubbles section of the website.

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